aired 10/9/07

Welcome to Red Eye. It's like Deliverance but with more squealing.

Luciana Gimenez, if beauty were a slow ketchup bottle, I'd flip her over and slap that bottom.

Doug Giles, if brians were a bumper sticker, he'd be stuck to my rear.

Jim Morris, if hilarity were a noisemaker, I'd blow him on New Years.

Margaret Hoover, if beauty and cogent commentary were Gumby, she'd love a little pokey.

Luciana Gimenez, If beauty were a door knocker, I'd bang her repeatedly until someone came to my assistance.

Jim Morris, if brains were a needle, he'd be a little prick.

Tia Williams, if celebrity gossip were a bakery, I'd stop by to sniff her buns.

Margaret Hoover, if brains and beauty were the splits I'd do her in a leotard.

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rabiddogg said...

Welcome to Red Eye, its like a Monster MASH. That's right we operate on the undead, the creepy and the crawly.

Red Eye starts as soon as I finish my Bloody Mary, now where did I put her?