Whose nuts?

So the other night, and by that I mean last night, Greg used a hilarious intro on Sherrod Small: "If jokes (or whatever) were a squirrel, he'd have my nuts in his cheeks." It got a big laugh, but something about it stuck in my head. You could have colored me rankled. Or slapped my ass and called me rankled. Thankfully I was able to soldier on and turn in my usual genius and really quite beautiful performance, but the minute the show was over, I brought it up. For all of our sakes.

Here's the conversation:

me: that squirrels/nuts intro doesn't really work!

Greg: what do you mean?

me: they wouldn't be YOUR nuts

Greg: what do you mean?

me: it's that part of the intro thing that gets confusing where it has to have a He or a She in it, but it wouldn't have a YOUR in it. why would they be YOUR nuts? they'd just be nuts.

Greg: yeah but--

me: it'd be "if jokes were squirrels, he'd have nuts in his cheeks"

Greg: but what makes it funny is if they're MY nuts. it takes it to that next level

me: yeah, you're totally right. [hanging head] never mind.


casrot said...

I'm currently looking at a bowl of mixed nuts. Ooooh, is that an almond? Yum!

Jeremy said...

At any rate, I think that joke killed any chance of Richard Gere ever appearing on Redeye.

electron john said...

Better his nuts than mine. Fuzzy Turtle would object to his little buds being that close to chewing parts.