Got a question about Red Eye's body language?

Leave it in the comments for use in a future segment! Please include your name, city and favorite Red Eye moment if you have one. Thanks!


Joe said...


I've noticed that Greg occasionally looks off camera to his right. We all know that his guests are to his left, so what is he looking at? Is he checking to make sure the houseboy he brings to work is still tied up?

My favorite Red Eye moment would have to be anytime you're on the show. If sexiness were a grill, I'd get you all hot and fired up and then put my meat on you until juices started to come out. Seriously though, you're the best part of watching Red Eye. Sorry Greg, it would've been you but you ignored all my letters and never sent me that picture of you in a leotard with Fluffy McNutter that you promised you would.

Macomb, IL

micky said...

OK this is a real one:
Kevin Godlington seems to make about a thousand random faces a minute. What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

Dearest Alison,

When questions are directed to Bill, why does he put his fist to his mouth as if to cover a cough but he doesn't cough? Is that just a nervous thing he has?

I think you're lovely and have wonderful, shiny, black hair. You're an asset to the show and loved by all.

Cheers doll!

Warm regards,
Angela M.
London, UK (as in United Kingdom ;))