Need to watch some intros? Sure you do!


Anonymous said...

I posted this elsewhere but I shall post it again.

Alison: If beauty and brains were a washing machine, I'd open her up and put my dirty load inside her!!!

Kudos for an excellent show last night.


rabiddogg said...

I thought I would take a crack at these openers. Here are mine.

If beauty were an amusement park ride I would loose my lunch while riding her

If beauty were an amusement park ride I would scream while riding her

If brains and beauty were a submarine the navy would fill her full of worthy seamen

If intelligence were a parking space I would back slowly into him

If beauty were an umbrella I’d use her outside on a rainy day

If intelligence was a department store her clothes would be half off on the holidays

If brains were Dungeons and Dragons nerds would do her in their basement

If beauty were a sled I’d ride her in the snow

If beauty were an envelope I would moisten her with my tongue

If beauty were a bull I would try and ride her hard for eight seconds

If beauty were eggs I would take her over easy every morning.

If beauty were piano keys I would tickle her for crowds

If beauty were bad brakes she would make weird noises every time I used her