More fun facts

…to make up for the fact that I'm behind on updating the intros. Andy Levy is a musician. Bill Schulz once wrote article where he subjected himself to every medical test out there that remotely made sense for someone his age or that he could convince a doctor to give him. He wrote that article when he worked at Stuff, under then editor-in-chief Greg Gutfeld.


rabiddogg said...

This would explain Bill's hair and his mopishly charm.

Lately, when I think of Bill and Greg, I think of the 90's cartoon "Pinky and the Brain" You know, "one is a genius (Greg) the other is insane (Bill)"

If you think about it their body styles match too. Greg is short and pudgy like the Brain and Bill is tall and skinny like Pinky.

So in other words, Red Eye is just their plot to overthrow the world. The only true qeustion that remains is how does Andy fit into this scenario?

electron john said...

Bill worked *under* Greg. Must have been like being a honeywagon mechanic.