Episode #??: aired Sept 27

Red Eye starts as soon as I finish this cinnabon. oh it's so hot and sticky

Welcome to Red Eye it's like Father Knows Best, and he knows you won't tell anyone


Anna Gilligan, if beauty were a nightclub people would stand in line to get inside her

Bill Schulz, my grotesque sidekick

Mary Katharine Ham if insightful commentary were fiber, I'd eat her to get regular

Jonathan Hoenig if brains were a parking space I'd back into him nightly

David Brenner if hilarity were push ups I'd do him every morning.

To the Gregalogue with 45 percent more raisins.

Andy likes to torch orphanages with his good friend Angela Lansbery (Andy: Abery gets off on the screams.)


Anna Gilligan, if beauty and brains were a magic lamp I'd rub her till I got my wish

Mary Katharine Ham, if intelligence were acrobatics I'd do her on a trampoline

Jonathan Hoenig, if brains were cough medicine I'd swallow him despite the taste, doctors orders

David Brenner, if hilarity were an American flag I'd run him up my pole every morning.

Rachael Leigh Cook, if beauty was a household cleaner I'd keep her away from young children.

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spaceagent said...

The one about the magic lamp was mine.. yea!!!