Episode #??: Tuesday Sept 18

"Red eye starts as soon as I get the blood out of my ventriloquist’s dummy."

guests: D.L. Hughly, Alisyn Camerota, Will Leitch, Tia Williams, James Smith


If beauty were a pinata, I'd hit her with a bat.

If beauty were pizza, I’d have her for dinner and then tomorrow for breakfast.

If hilarity were pin the tail on the donkey, I’d wear a blindfold and aim for the rear.

If good looks were baking soda, she’d soak up foul kitchen odors.

If insightful commentary were cherries, he’d be on top.

If hilarity were a tree, I would carve my initials into his trunk.

If talent were a bicycle, I would bring him to the park at 3am and ride him.

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