He's so smart… *

If brains were karaoke, I'd get drunk and do him.

If brains were a jigsaw puzzle, I'd do him on the floor on a rainy day.

If brains were a cheese log, I'd pick at his nuts.

If brains were a sack race, I'd do him at a picnic.

If brains were a soap dispenser, I'd pump him in the bathroom.

If brains were a soap dispenser, I'd pump him into my hand.

If brains were vienna sausages, I'd eat him in the can.

*most of these used on the Friday Sept 21 episode

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Ted from Acccounting said...

Welcome to Alison's Basement, its like a Gap Clothing Store Sweatshop only smaller, more painful and we produce "happy thoughts"...for others of course.

To the left is my grotesque sidekick Ted from Accounting. He's so smart, if brains were a suppository he would work slowly...very very slowly.

I know...its a forum about Red Eye, so replace us with Red Eye and Bill...anyway, the suppository one would work great for Bill.