Episode #??: Friday Sept 14

"Welcome to Red Eye, it's like That's Incredible but it's been downgraded to mildly interesting."

guests: Alicia Quarles, Regan Burns, Kerry Howley, Mike Baker, David Cronenberg

intros used:

She's so hot she could heat up fish sticks in her armpits.

She's so hot she makes my hair frizz and girlfriend, you don't want to see that.

If jokes were paint thinner, I'd stick my head in a paper bag and sniff him.

If intelligence were a bumper car, I'd ram him repeatedly.

If jokes were pancakes, I'd smother him with butter and then eat him.

If talent were mustard, I'd squirt him on my hot dog.

If brains were romaine lettuce and a nice vinaigrette, I'd toss that salad.

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