One which may or may not get used...

However when I wrote it, and perhaps it was because I'd been writing them for so long I lost perspective, I thought it was a stroke of pure genius:

He's so smart if brains were a monocle, he'd be on my one eye.


Bake Show said...

OH MY GOD, thank you so much for letting me know about your blog, you are truly doing gods work by chronicling the brilliance that is Greg Gutfeld! I will no doubt be hooked forever!

alison said...

CHRONICLING THE BRILLIANCE THAT IS GREG GUTFELD?!? I think you misunderstand the purpose of this blog. It's to a) discuss Vienna Sausages, dirty laundry, and meat plus buns and b) give people a forum to chat about said pursuits and c) promote the living shit out of that wonderful Alison Rosen woman. Oh and something about Red Eye or whatever they're calling it.

Ted from Accounting said...

Ummm, I chose A! Seriously though you should change the name of your blog to Alison's Basement. All of your house boys work frantically around the clock to create material for you. When they don't produce, you just beat them harder.

Since, I chose A; If beauty were a hot dog frank, I'd stick it between her buns and squirt condiments on top.

Ted from Accounting said...

Ok, this will be my final attempt of the night...Din Ho will be relieving me in the basement soon.

If beauty were a bee hive, I'd beat her to the ground with a stick and endure a thousand stings, just for the chance to stick my tongue in the hole and taste the sweet-sticky honey!


What happened to my Red Eye one? It didn't post or maybe I screwed it up...anyway, I thought that was my best effort. It took two house boys being beaten for 45 min. to produce that one! LOL