So awesome… (plus some miscellaneous ones)

So awesome that if he were standing in between two mirrors it would be infinite awesomeness

So awesome that the only thing that would be more awesome than him would be him surrounded by clones of him

so incredible that it makes other incredible things seem only somewhat spectacular by comparison

so adorable that gnomes, fairies and woodland sprites recently voted her their queen

she's so awesome that if I were to make a list of my top ten awesome things, she'd definitely be in the top five.

She's so magical she can make things disappear in front of your very eyes including but not limited to dignity and pants.

so attractive she creates her own gravitational pull

So magnetic you should keep her away from your hard drive

it's more entertaining than a circus filled with clowns and not those down on their luck sad bum clowns but showered, friendly clowns.

Sweeter than a baby farting in its sleep

she's so awesome/wonderful/whatever/adorably edible that four out of five babies prefer her to melba toast

she's so awesome that four out of five babies prefer her to a bottle

she's so intoxicating that four out of five winos prefer her to a bottle

it's (she's, he's, etc.) so cool that eskimos have 43 words for it (for her, for him, etc.)

so adorable she makes grown men develop a speech impediment

so adorable she makes grown men speak like elmer fudd

so adorable she's makes Wilford Brimley blush

so sweet most pastry chefs prefer her to real sugar (could add: in their recipes)

so sweet that old ladies prefer her to hard candy

so sweet that most housewives prefer her to fresh cut flowers

so legendary that it's rumored that aesop based a number of his fables on him

so legendary that if VH1 did a hundred legendary performers countdown he'd be number 1 through 10.

So good on Good Times that I'm making it my personal mission to have the show's name changed to Great Times.

Good Times? More like Great Times

Good Times? More like Great Times, Mr. Understated Pants

so awesome that if awesomevania had a president, he'd win by a landslide. sadly awesomevania is ruled by unicorns and has no electoral college.

so incredible that I went to see that Disney movie The Incredibles thinking it was going to be about him. It wasn't so I left and saw finding nemo instead.

so charming lucky charms wanted to ditch the leprechaun and make her (or him) their mascot

so amazing that more than one third grader has written a book report about her

so awesome that kids want to bring her in for show and tell

He's so British he puts crumpets on his crumpets

He drives on the left side of the road and keeps dead bodies in the "boot" of his car

So awesome she's more awesome than all other Janices combined including Janis Joplin, Janice Dickinson and Janice from Friends!

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